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Joe Christian and the Case of the False Dichotomy

Joe’s headache

Joe pressed his hands to the sides of his head and moaned.  The pain of this election was nearly unbearable.  The two choices he was presented with made his head spin.  What was he to do?  He didn’t like either of the candidates.  He was disgusted by them both, and surprised that not everyone was as disgusted as he.

Some people were thoroughly behind Clinton, and no flaw, scandal, or potentially criminal act seemed to trouble them.  In their eyes, every Clinton negative could be overlooked given the horror that was Trump.

Others were staunch Trump supporters, and they hung on enthusiastically regardless of what disgusting new thing popped out of the stinky water that burbled steadily from under his door.  Nothing could dissuade them from their hope of taking down Clinton and preventing the spread of her deadly influence in Washington.  Here was a man who would shake up Washington and bring conservatism back to the White House, and hopefully the Supreme Court.

Both the Clinton and Trump supporters were loud.  Strident.  Shrill.  Still, it seemed like there was a solid contingent of Americans who were not comfortable with their choices  Joe was not alone – just confused.  What was he to do?  Was there a particularly Christian perspective to take on the whole thing?  Was he asking the right questions?

We, like Joe, need to give this some serious thought. Continue reading

The Bohemian Guide to Urban Cycling – Book Review

A few months ago I reviewed The Bikeable Church, authored by cyclist, urbanologist, and missiologist  Sean Benesh.  Benesh’s most recent work, The Bohemian Guide to Urban Cycling, broadens the scope to track and examine both the urban cyclist, and the city he cycles in.

BohemianGuide Continue reading

The Value of Sermons

Meetings of the church have typically placed the consumption of carefully prepared and rehearsed sermons at the center of the time together.   The preacher is the central figure in the time, and the sermon is presented and received as “the main meal” for the “feeding of the sheep”.   In many gatherings, the words that the speaker says from the podium are treated as “the word of the Lord” – unquestionable and authoritative.

Is that God’s thinking, that a preacher would stand as the unique mouthpiece of God?  For that matter, do sermons have any part in the Christian experience? Continue reading

Lessons Through Parenting

Parenting can be a wonderful insight into God’s heart toward us – how he loves us in spite of how we often react to him. Continue reading

The Appearing of the Glory

What is God’s purpose for the church?

Is the church merely the earthly holding pen for those who are looking forward to eternal life, someday?  Or, does God have other, current, intentions for the Bride of Christ?

In Titus 2:13, Paul talks about “… looking for the blessed hope and the appearing of the glory of our great God and Savior, Christ Jesus …” (NASB)

What does that mean?  Especially the part about the appearing of the glory of Christ Jesus? Continue reading

Transition at the Cross

TimelineIf you are having a hard time seeing the picture you can save it and print it, or open it in a new window in a larger size.

I drew the above sketch a while ago in an attempt to work through and articulate the interaction of God with humanity, focusing on the transitions that happened when Jesus went to the cross.

Here’s what I see as the basic testimony of the Bible: Continue reading


“Church” is one of those words that has such a well-worn rut of usage that it may be useless to try to bring correction.  But I’ll try. Continue reading

Focusing on Jesus

This is the third post, after Richard Jacobson’s, and Keith Giles’, in a blogalogue on the topic of “Encountering Jesus: Inside and Outside the Meeting”. Continue reading

Blogalogue Skype Video Wrapup

Technology is pretty cool.   Using the free Skype video conferencing system, the five of us who participated in the recent ‘blogalogue’ (who are scattered all over the country) were able to have a one hour conversation about decision making and leadership in the church.  It was good to put faces and voices together.  I don’t know if we had any entirely new insights, but stories were shared, and main points were discussed and refined. Continue reading

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