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Month: October 2014

Vosotros, Y’all

Folks, as I read the Bible, I become increasingly convinced that the typical ‘me-and-God’ take on what it means to be a Christian is completely at odds with God’s purposes.  While God is concerned about every single person out there, his intentions have much more to do with y’all than with you.

This is a bit nuanced, but hang with me as we dig around a bit. Continue reading

Receive, Juggle, Pass

If you mouse-over the tab for the page you are looking at right now, you’ll see the site name includes the tag line ‘Receive, juggle, pass’.   To which you might say ‘Huh?’

Several years ago I hung a whistle around my neck and started stocking up on orange plastic cones and soccer balls.  Me, a soccer coach!  If you knew me before that time, you might be shaking your head, amazed.  But, it’s true.  My wife thought we should do soccer, and my then-six-year-old son was not likely to play unless I was the coach.  So, a coach I became. Continue reading

Examples from the Trenches, and Schrödinger’s Cat

We need to have our collective imagination stirred to see how we-all are able to be disciples who disciple others in the context of life.

This ties into two previous posts – the first, where I talked about how our models of church tell us what it means to be a Christian, and the second, where I talked about the permission we have to live the radical life of a Christ-follower.

I just read a post on a well-known Christian leader’s blog about the barriers to being a disciple-maker.  While I appreciated it, Continue reading

Tribute to a Great Lady

Today, October 11th, is my Grandma Mickie’s birthday.

She is a remarkable woman, still pressing forward as she begins her 90th year.  Slowing down a bit, but still pressing forward.

A one-word description that jumps to my mind when I think of her is ‘ornery’.  Continue reading

Tradecraft: Mapping the Geographic Layer

Boom!  There you are, dropped into Corvallis in a midnight HALO operation.  The chute is packed away under an overgrown rhododendron bush and you are taking your first look at the town.  You wander around a bit until you stumble across a friendly little bike shop tucked back in a strip mall.  You walk in and ask if there are any local maps to be had.  The owner points at a stack on the corner of the counter and offers you one.  “Free?”, you ask.  “Yup!”, he replies, “Compliments of the City!” Continue reading

Jesus Gives You Permission

One of the big subjects I want to explore on this blog is Authority.  It is, if taken in a certain way, the ultimate subject.  The answer to “oh yeah, says who?!” makes all the difference. Continue reading

Tradecraft Mapping – First Steps

As I tweeted the other day (Hey! You can follow me on Twitter: @HerfordDan), my Tradecraft mapping kit is in hand!  A couple of months ago the folks at The Upstream Collective put out a call for interested bloggers to join their Tradecraft mapping team.  Though I was wee in the bloggage, they heard my pleas to be included in this excellent experiment, and sent me the resources to make it happen. Continue reading

The Model and the Message

I have been pondering for a while – several years at least – about the necessary congruence between The Model and The Message, particularly as it pertains to the church.  I want to open my brain up a little and invite you to interact with me on this. Continue reading

Tradecraft as a local catalyst

If you read my previous post about Tradecraft, you understand that I’m excited about the book, and the whole mapping process, for hard-wired map- and data-geek reasons.  The pure thrill of gathering data, organizing it on a map, and letting it tell me about this place I’ve called home for a couple of decades would motivate me to do the work and blog about it.  But, even more significant than that motivation is the idea that this Tradecraft mapping project can serve as a catalyst for significant interconnection and vitalization of the Church here in Corvallis. Continue reading

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