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Blogalogue Skype Video Wrapup

Technology is pretty cool.   Using the free Skype video conferencing system, the five of us who participated in the recent ‘blogalogue’ (who are scattered all over the country) were able to have a one hour conversation about decision making and leadership in the church.  It was good to put faces and voices together.  I don’t know if we had any entirely new insights, but stories were shared, and main points were discussed and refined.

A couple of highlights for me:

  • Often the important thing in going through the decision making process with other Christians isn’t necessarily the conclusion.  The process of sharing and listening, bearing with and deferring – these are often the real prizes.
  • The best function of leadership in a gathering is typically to create an open, safe space where there is freedom for all to share what’s on their heart, to ask questions, to be vulnerable, and to allow the Lord to speak through them.

Right here is where I would put the link to the recording, but the other thing about technology is that it’s fallible.   From electrons the recording came, and to electrons the recording has returned.   And, maybe that’s just alright.   The process was valuable, and in the end there’s not a recording of conclusions, but rather open space for your thoughts.

UPDATE (the next morning):  I typed in haste!  The video lives on!  You can check it out, right here!

Thank you Keith, Richard, Jon and Neil for the great series and the great conversation today.  Thanks also to all who followed along, and especially to those who joined in the discussion via comments and parallel blog posts.  I’m hoping for more such conversations!

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  1. Hi! I just watched your little exchange with the above mentioned gentlemen (a year later, but hey, better late than never) and I greatly enjoyed it. I have delved into the books of Neil Cole and just recently read one by Jon Zens. I am currently not part of an organic church, but try to implement as much as possible of such principles at the churches I frequent, but my real longing would be to take part in planting and living in organic church environments. How did you end up thinking this way and how does your church look like?

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