Joe’s headache

Joe pressed his hands to the sides of his head and moaned.  The pain of this election was nearly unbearable.  The two choices he was presented with made his head spin.  What was he to do?  He didn’t like either of the candidates.  He was disgusted by them both, and surprised that not everyone was as disgusted as he.

Some people were thoroughly behind Clinton, and no flaw, scandal, or potentially criminal act seemed to trouble them.  In their eyes, every Clinton negative could be overlooked given the horror that was Trump.

Others were staunch Trump supporters, and they hung on enthusiastically regardless of what disgusting new thing popped out of the stinky water that burbled steadily from under his door.  Nothing could dissuade them from their hope of taking down Clinton and preventing the spread of her deadly influence in Washington.  Here was a man who would shake up Washington and bring conservatism back to the White House, and hopefully the Supreme Court.

Both the Clinton and Trump supporters were loud.  Strident.  Shrill.  Still, it seemed like there was a solid contingent of Americans who were not comfortable with their choices  Joe was not alone – just confused.  What was he to do?  Was there a particularly Christian perspective to take on the whole thing?  Was he asking the right questions?

We, like Joe, need to give this some serious thought. Continue reading