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Lessons Through Parenting

Parenting can be a wonderful insight into God’s heart toward us – how he loves us in spite of how we often react to him. Continue reading

The Dragon Breathes Fire


NOTE:  This one is just for fun.  It’s written from the perspective of a child in a family with several children, but I wrote it.  My children are actually budding into fine storytellers themselves, so I hope to see some of their writing on one blog or another before too long.   I wrote this after my second-oldest’s birthday.   Based on a true story!  (Some of it might not be exactly historical.)

Continue reading

Receive, Juggle, Pass

If you mouse-over the tab for the page you are looking at right now, you’ll see the site name includes the tag line ‘Receive, juggle, pass’.   To which you might say ‘Huh?’

Several years ago I hung a whistle around my neck and started stocking up on orange plastic cones and soccer balls.  Me, a soccer coach!  If you knew me before that time, you might be shaking your head, amazed.  But, it’s true.  My wife thought we should do soccer, and my then-six-year-old son was not likely to play unless I was the coach.  So, a coach I became. Continue reading

Tribute to a Great Lady

Today, October 11th, is my Grandma Mickie’s birthday.

She is a remarkable woman, still pressing forward as she begins her 90th year.  Slowing down a bit, but still pressing forward.

A one-word description that jumps to my mind when I think of her is ‘ornery’.  Continue reading

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