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Another Blogalogue Update – Final Post Up

I didn’t invent the term ‘blogalogue’, but I like it.  I like the idea of interaction – an exchange of ideas that goes somewhere.  So, it’s been good to participate with this group of guys in pondering the nature of decision making in the organic church.   Look back here for the last update, here for my post from last week, and here for the final post by Neil Cole.  As always, feel free to chime in with your thoughts or questions on any of the participating blogs.

Decision Making in Organic Church – Part 4


This is the fourth installment in a series of blog posts that seek to speak to the topic of decision making in the organic church.  It seems good, before sharing my thoughts, to briefly summarize what has been brought out so far: Continue reading

White Guy from Oregon

I’m a white guy from Oregon.   I grew up in a small town on the Oregon coast, where the main ethnic distinction was between those of Scandinavian descent and the rest of the white people.  There was one black kid in my high school, the adopted son of a white family. Continue reading

Church Decision Making Blogalogue Update


I mentioned here that I was participating with some other bloggers in a ‘blogalogue’ – a rolling conversation that is bouncing from blog to blog, and which invites inputs from other bloggers or readers.  We are in week three of the experiment!  Richard Jacobson led off with his video and blog post, Jon Zens followed with a blog post, and Keith Giles just posted his contribution the other day.  Well, one of his contributions.  He also put together a podcast last week in response to some conversation he had with John White on his blog.  In addition, Steve Simms linked to a couple of posts on his blog which were germane to the conversation.  I’m up next!

So, how is it going? Continue reading

The Dragon Breathes Fire


NOTE:  This one is just for fun.  It’s written from the perspective of a child in a family with several children, but I wrote it.  My children are actually budding into fine storytellers themselves, so I hope to see some of their writing on one blog or another before too long.   I wrote this after my second-oldest’s birthday.   Based on a true story!  (Some of it might not be exactly historical.)

Continue reading

Done? Let’s Go!

It’s Sunday.  Did you go to a building for a worship service this morning?  Increasingly, the answer given by committed Christians is “no”.

In the past week or so, there have been a number of posts about the Dones.  These are the very involved and serious Christians who are dropping out of the organized church.  I’m one of them. Continue reading

Oh! Now I See Where You’re Coming From!


For me, one fingernails-on-chalkboard irritation  is lack of interest in understanding other people’s perspective.  Not lack of understanding, but lack of interest in trying to understand.

If you want to find how well-shaped my character is, one good test is to show no interest in understanding what I’m trying to say.  That frustration transfers over to conversations that I’m not a part of, too.  Which is why I love radio talk shows.  Maybe not. Continue reading

One People in Jesus

Adam and Eve carried within their DNA the potential for all of the physical variations – obvious or subtle – of the human race.  Ever feature and hue woven into the tapestry of humanity were hidden possibilities.   Every culture and clan; every nation, tribe and tongue; they all spilled forth, splashing and splitting and breaking into a thousand rivulets from the headwaters of creation.

At every division, sin was the stone in the way.  Like a massive rock outcropping in a stream, jealousy, pride, hatred, and murder split the flow, sending one group this way and others that.   Along the way God interacted, protecting and redirecting, sometimes encouraging the division, other times bringing divergent streams back together.  The Flood, the Tower of Babel, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses.

Ultimately, when the time was right, Jesus. Continue reading

Certain Problems

We like certainty.

We like to know we’re on the right side, that the things we believe are true.

Much of our security – our identity – is found in our certainty about political views, ideas about God, or the superiority of our country.

This tribal inclination, this embracing of ‘isms’, this staunch commitment to a particular church or political party or ideology – this is common.  This need to be right and sure about our affiliations and opinions – this is a normal part of being human.   Certainty is a comfort food for the brain.  But our certainty is often misplaced.  If one thing is certain, it’s that we can’t all be right all the time about all those things we hold so dearly.  And that’s a problem. Continue reading

The 3D Gospel – a book review

One of the joys of reading the Bible is to see again and again how it ties together so thoroughly and deeply, and to see again and again how clearly it presents the reality of the human condition in all of its beauty and ugliness.  My joy was increased three-fold recently as I enjoyed the wonderful book The 3D Gospel: Ministry in Guilt, Shame, and Fear Cultures by Jayson Georges. Continue reading

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