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Jesus Gives You Permission

One of the big subjects I want to explore on this blog is Authority.  It is, if taken in a certain way, the ultimate subject.  The answer to “oh yeah, says who?!” makes all the difference.

Today, though, I want to just nibble on the edges.  A little appetite whetting.

When I began following Jesus, I found some immediate freedom from some of the destructive behaviors that had plagued me.  I also found myself with new constraints, new rules to govern my behavior.

Constraints are a good and healthy thing, if they are good and healthy, and you know they are good and healthy if they result in a you that is better than the unrestricted you.

For example, the constraints of marriage are good and right, and they lead to the kind of special freedom with your spouse that unrestricted casual encounters can only pretend to offer.

The direction of the Spirit of God is the ultimate healthy constraint.

The challenge I found as a new Christian was that I often interpreted Christianity as a new set of rules that I needed to impose on others, without appreciating that the main purpose of the rule of Jesus in my life was the extension of life and freedom in and through me.  For freedom I was set free.

So, with respect to the question of authority, let me just say this for now:

Jesus gives you permission.

Jesus gives you permission to love others.

Jesus gives you permission to bear burdens.

Jesus gives you permission to make things better.

Jesus gives you permission to think and ask questions.

Jesus gives you permission to communicate the goodness of his rule.

Jesus gives you permission to be wrong and to be humble and to learn.

Be free.



  1. Dan,
    I really like how you are starting out this topic. Even before defining what the word “Authority” means or arguing for its inherent value you jump directly to its rightful application. To me, permission from Jesus is not only freeing, but empowering! For when we focus on all of the magnificent freedoms that Jesus offers up for us we no longer have any time to think about the restrictive elements of His or anyone elses authority.
    To bad more people don’t take this positive approach when dealing with the tough PC topics of homosexuality and abortion. If those who insist on doing such practices only knew what they were missing out on by running from Jesus they might actually want to turn around. My question is: What’s the deal with the scare tactic approach anyhow? How did Christians ever come to think that its even “Christian” to convert non-believers to our perspective through manipulative scare tactics and fear mongering coercion?
    P.S. You don’t need to answer that question. I was just venting a bit. 🙂 Looking forward to more of your posts, brother!

    • Dan

      October 10, 2014 at 8:23 pm

      Thanks for commenting, Ben. There are many possible ways to go with freedom and authority!
      Perhaps our inclination to impose our ideas about authority on others, rather than serve them, is an indication of our own lack of freedom.

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